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25TH OF MARCH 1821

Belongs to all Greeks, with no exceptions


25 March 2018

The Greek Tribune received many calls from readers in Adelaide saying they were confused and dissatisfied about what was said in the Greek media in the days leading up to the 25th of March. The most common questions asked, were, "what is the dispute between the Greek Consul and the Church about", "why is the Consul having a third celebration" and "why can't they just have one joint celebration"?

The Greek Tribune believes that the day of the rejuvenation of the nation, belongs to all Greeks with no exceptions. Therefore, every institution or organisation, including the Greek Consulate, have the right to celebrate the Day in any way they like.

So has the Greek Orthodox Community (GOCSA), as the oldest Greek mass organisation in SA, which has been celebrating the National Day of Greece since the beginning of time when no other Greek authority or Greek organisation existed in Adelaide, almost 90 years ago.

A joint celebration at North Terrace memorial was tried in the 80's but it didn't last because religious differences were brought into it.

Recently, the Consul announced a joint celebration and invited the Greek Archdiocese to conduct the religious part and the President of GOCSA to attend and lay a wreath - but at the exclusion of the GOCSA clergy. GOCSA refused to attend an event where the presence of its clergymen was forbidden. Therefore, it proceeded with its very successful celebration of the 25th of March as planned, with a church service, a wreath laying ceremony at the Cathedral in Franklin Street and a cultural program by the schools after the ceremonies.

People should accept the fact that there are two separate, both legitimate, Greek church authorities in Adelaide and that's not going to change. If we wish to achieve unity, what we can do, is to try and understand pluralism and multiculturalism and learn to accept and respect other people's cultural, religious and political rights and beliefs. Then things might improve. There are many different Christian denominations within the Australian society. Does that cause a problem to Australia Day or ANZAC Day celebrations? No it doesn't. Let's just learn to live like the rest of Australians and be tolerant to everyone or simply keep religious beliefs out of secular life.



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